Emma and Helen brilliantly welcomed a dozen moms (and one dad ,as well!) with their baby/toddlers at Croc’o’deal, the new cofffee shop in Divonne, that also doubles with second hand kids stuff store.
This year, Culture-Langue English speaking playgroup alternates locations every Tuesday between this tearoom and another room at Divonne town hall.
These new venues and day seem to suit the members. When I arrived, the playroom was swarming with crawling toddlers, and buzzing of chats and laughters. Parents were enjoying coffee and croissants served by the friendly owners, on tables displayed around the playing area, covered with mats, books and toys. Emma and Helen were very busy talking to everyone.
I left some of Culture-Langue flyers at the counter, when leaving this happy crowd about to gather in a circle for performing the well practised singing.

by Véronique Deruaz