Kima gives us her Tajik Plov recipe :
It is the most popular traditional Tajik dish. We, the Tajiks, always cook it in big quantaties as it is usually cooked at weddings and other special occasions. That’s why I cannot give you the recipe of the Plov cooked for just 2-3 people. Here’s the one we cooked for a group of almost 10 people.

Use a big dish for serving and start by putting the rice first. On top of the rice will go the chickpeas and carrots, and on very top is the meat. I also use pomegranates to decorate the dish on the sides. It looks very colorful and yummy.

The Tajik Plov goes very well with the salad made of tomatoes/cucumber/green onions +any fresh herbs sprinkled with some lemon juice.

By Kima